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Sunday, December 17, 2017


Hey what's up? I'm back! I know it has been two years, but I have been super busy climbing the stepping stones that I have laid out for myself. Where did these stepping stones come from? They have come from me planning. All this planning helped me find many opportunities that without planning would have gone unnoticed. So yeah you're right. If I didn't plan I wouldn't be in such an amazing position to be starting a successful business. How exactly is that?
Well, I started planning for financial freedom before my freshman year of high school. I thought it was ridiculous that I couldn't get a job until I was 16 years old. However, I quickly found a way to work around the system. What I discovered was that the only way around this age restriction was to start a business and/or invest the little money I had into the stock market. This is when my interest in starting a business began to form as well as my interests in learning the ways of investing. I quickly realized that being a successful business owner is one of the best ways to become financially free. Which means being able to live a satisfying, free, and happy lifestyle. Not only was this true, but I knew with money came power, with power came a bigger voice and I knew this would give me the ability to impact thousands if not millions of lives. I knew in order to get to this point I had a lot of skill development I had to do.

This is when I began to get really serious about my future. I asked myself every day. Jaron what is the next step? What skills did you need to develop in order to increase your odds of running a successful business? It really wasn't that hard to figure out a plan. My plan was to develop business management, investing, communication, sales, marketing, training/coaching/mentoring skills, and have lots of capital so that I could lower the investment risk by not having to acquire any debt to get my business started. The hardest part wasn't coming up with the plan. The most difficult part is staying committed to a 5 year long process.

I'll give you my example in hope that you will use it to take your goals and make a plan that will   help you get to where you want to be. Coming into freshman year I decided that my overall goal was to start my own business. I knew that if I wanted to increase my percent chance of developing a successful start up there were lots of things that I needed to learn. In order to organize my plan I  categorized the skills that I knew I needed to learn as "stepping stones". I then had laser focus on developing these skills in order for me to have "climbed that stepping stone". As an investor in training I knew that one of Warren Buffett's basic principles was to invest into companies that had great leaders. So before I invested any money into myself I wanted to be confident that I met the criteria for being a successful leader. I had to be certain that I would continuously grow my business year after year. Which in return I knew would grow my personal capital investment. And classify myself as more of a safe and secure investment.  I looked for every opportunity I could to prove to myself that I had what it took to be a "great leader" by Warren Buffets standards. This is when the investing stepping stone training had begun thanks to Warren Buffett's trainings on youtube. The intelligent investor book and other countless online training programs).

First, I did the only thing I could at the time and that was to start a business. But that business had to be a service because I didn't have any capital. This business was dog sitting. I knew this wasn't going to be my first and last business this was just a warm-up and I used this as a way to raise capital something I knew I needed for my future business. I still have dog sitting jobs in my neighborhood to this day. More than four years later. I have made somewhere over 2K just from this little start up alone. Freshman year I tapped into investing in the stock market and developing my dog sitting business. In October 2014, my sophomore year of high school I turned 16 and I knew the next step was to get a job so that I could begin getting some soft skills. I started exploring by getting hired at subway. After a month there I knew I could find a job that offered more learning and growth experience. So, I left and found a job in the warehouse of Ashley Furniture Homestore. After six months I was recruited into the back office after many customers had reported back to my managers that I took good care of them, and they recommended to my managers to put me somewhere that people could see me all the time. Like behind the counter in the back office. Here in the office I learned a lot about the brains of a business ("business management"). It taught me how to deal with emotional customers. I learned a lot about scanning, filing, indexing, financing, sales, running reports and lots of communication skills were developed. I did this for a year. This was a very successful stepping stone. This was the customer service stepping stone.

I knew the next step to owning a business was to learn how to sell a product, service, and myself. I knew this would help me sell my product for my business as well as help me present my business idea to investors. Sales skills were a must! When I turned 18, I seeked out the hardest sales job. This happened to be door to door solar energy sales consulting. I quickly rose to the top of the office in sales for the two first months on the job. Everyday I drove 50mins away to get to my territory and I would listen to audiobooks there and back I did this everyday for the next 6 months. I listened to 4 different audiobooks about sales. I had so much driving time in the car that I was able to listen to each book at least twice and some even three times. I was determined to turn my car into a university on wheels. In this 6 months I mentored ("mentoring skills") my friend and he set up appointments and I would come to close the deals. After 6 months of selling solar energy. I wanted to try selling a product instead of a service. I also knew I would have even better success now with my new sales knowledge and customer service skills. I figured I would do really well at what ever sales job I took next. I couldn't have been more right.

At my second sales job I started around April 2017 and I sold high end cutlery, cookware, and kitchenware gadgets. I rose to the top of my office immediately the first week I sold $8,000 worth of the CUTCO product. Within two weeks they asked me to become an assistant manager ("business management"). Within 3 months I sold more than $30,000's of the CUTCO product ("sales"). Every week I was recognized with a big check and countless of other awards. I was recognized many times as a push week champion. And at one point was awarded best assistant manager in the region. The company bought me two suits, a nice tie, dress shirt, and some nice business shoes. Along with giving me more than $2,000 worth of free high-end cutlery. I was asked to prepare a talk on how to sell bigger sets for the divisional meeting where I spoke to more than two hundred people or around 7 different offices. I was assigned 5 new traniees every week to mentor them up and keep them motivated ("training/coaching/mentoring skills").

The success I had in my last sales job was the tipping point. I knew after this I was ready. As an investor, I proved to myself that I was worthy of investing my money into Jaron Lodge's business. I knew I was going to be a successful business owner from that point. I also now have the capital I need to start a business ("capital"). With all the capital I raised I knew it could grow fast too.

Look at that! 5 whole years summarized just like that. There is still so much knowledge that I have from all the experiences and I know I will never be able to tell everyone everything. But I can try and I have been setting up free self development consultations to help people plan for their success the way that I have. So far I have personally mentored tens of people through by personal development program. For you chance at a free consultation follow me on snapchat!


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