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Sunday, January 31, 2016


Sunday, January 31st, 2016 *Morning 10:07am-12:56pm

I am very proud to say that I am an Eagle Scout. After 6 years of working my way up through the ranks on December 11th 2014 I received the Eagle Scout Rank. One of my biggest, if not the biggest accomplishment in my lifetime. And within that accomplishment I had accomplished the biggest Project of my life so far.

For those of you that don't know the Boy Scouts ranks they go Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star Scout, Life Scout, and then Eagle Scout. Within each rank it usually takes about a year to achieve because of the various requirements you have to complete. I have learned so much from Boy Scouts and I have had so many great experience that I will never forget! And with that said It makes me want to share all of these wonderful experiences with you!

I thought of the great idea to create a blogging series about my experiences within Boy scouts, I've gone on so many amazing trips. Trips like White Water Rafting, Real Outdoor Rock Climbing, Canyoneering, I've Hiked the Grand Canyon 3 times, Repelling off cliffs and water falls, War boat Canoeing, Jet Skiing, Wake Boarding, Snow Boarding, Snow Skiing the list goes on.

Anyways, one of the many things you have to do to become an Eagle Scout is to complete a project for an organization within your community. This project took me almost two years to complete. I was working on a project for the Herpetological Society its a sanctuary for exotic animals. The Herpetological Society at this time had just taken in some new baby crocodiles and my goal was to build two large tarps over the crocodiles in order to keep them shaded from the Hot Arizona Heat! As well as organize their misting system over head the crocodiles.

There are many steps that go into such a project especially when you have to write all kinds of reports as additional requirements. I have a box full of all of my Eagle Scout work sitting on my bed right here.

The first steps to such a project is to find an example of what you are about to build and take pictures of all of the parts that were involved in creating what ever it might be that you're creating. In this case I got lucky enough to have a tarp already built for me to go off of. So I took pictures of all the parts needed and then I found them online and compared prices to make sure I was getting my parts for competitive prices. So I could stay under my budget of $400. I had got my parts from American Fencing Company and my green tarps came from an online business. This was all some what of a hassle.

Can you guess which one is me? 

I wrote out many project plans. I needed about 15 people to help out with the project. 30 people showed up to help out with the project! We had so many people that we had a group of 10 sort out food to feed the Galapagos Turtles and other volunteer work that they could help Dan the Owner out with. And as the project manager I had to give many talks to my troop in order to keep them informed on what they were suppose to be doing. The project went very smoothly and we finished in only 2 hours! :)

**When your Dad and Brother have accomplished something so great, don't be the only one not to ;)

** I couldn't have done it without my mentors, mentors are key when completing large tasks.

**In order to be successful in life you must have mentors!!


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