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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Wednesday, January 13th, 2016 *Night 8:18 pm-9:20 pm

     This is important for everyone to know if they want to get any where in life. I always knew it to be

true, but something really hit me hard today. Today me and my friend JT went on a walk to AJ's to

get something to eat because all our cars were currently occupied by our family members. And on our

walk back from AJ's we spotted this leather recliner on the side of the road in front of a house and it

was flipped upside down. It was obvious someone was trying to get rid of it. Me and Jt being the

hyper some what obnoxious people we are together; decided to flip it over and try it out. It was kind

of gross it was covered in some bird poop it had a couple rips in the arm rests. It didn't look very

pleasant or appealing what so ever. But I had a vision for it.

        I went home got a car went to tennis practice and when I came back to Jt's house I picked him up

to get Chipotle. Without saying much about the recliner I drove back to where it was, and I

told my friend to help me out getting this in the back of the truck. He started laughing and said, "are

you serious?!"; "You really want that thing!". I said, "yeah! help me out". So we got it into the back

of the truck and drove off to get some dinner. When we came back to my house he helped me take it

out of the truck and carry it through my house into my room. The whole time he was laughing, and

questioning why I wanted this recliner so bad. But right when we slid it into the spot I wanted it to be

in, in my room he instantly said that the recliner was amazing, and he wish he had it, and how comfy

it was. And that was before I cleaned the thing off. I grabbed some leather cleaner and conditioner

slabbed it all over the bad boy and it looked brand new when I was finished with it!

*Some idea might seem ridiculous and unattractive to people at first, but if you have a vision that they can't see at that time don't let that slow you down! Continue what you started and make it into that great image you always pictured it to be!

*Then watch as they're jealous of your great success!

* Nearly any idea or business can be successful if you have an image, all you have to do then is work at it until its something that you always imaged it to be <3

*In order to have great success you have to learn to learn to comprehend what you've learned!

*And apply it to everyday in your life!


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  1. Thanks I appreciate it! :)

  2. I agree; inspiring! Reach for the top and we'll get there! 😀

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