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Sunday, January 10, 2016


Sunday, January 10th, 2016 *Afternoon 10:16am-11:50am
I have some BIG plans next week! This week there have been three specific things I have been working on non stop. For one my small business located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Its called Jaron's Furniture Assembly. The business offers a service so when people go out and buy furniture from stores around Arizona I go over to their house and build it for them. So far from this business I have made $310 in profit. All which I have invested back into my company. But I'll keep you guys updated with any jobs I get in the future. I'll make a blog next week about my amazing experiences with the customers I've had so far! The second thing i have been working on are my blogs. I realized in order to get more followers who enjoy reading my content more I have to offer more of a lesson learned or something people can take away from my blogs. Regardless my blogs are still doing pretty good I have close to 100 views within 5 days. By the end of next week I'm setting my goal to 300 page views. I really hope you guys can help take me there. I already want to thank everyone that follows me on Twitter  > and Instagram >. Anyways the first thing as we discussed was my small business. The Second thing was my blogs. And the Third thing is managing all of my social media, keeping it up to date and involved for my followers. But all of that is in the past now as we start a new week a fresh week of more success! My BIG plan or maybe I should say project for the week is to create a Blog about everything you need to know when Marketing for the new year 2016.

*With every new week have new plans!
*New goals!
*Keep it real!
*Keep it fresh!

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  1. Very interesting to read can't wait to hear about your customers and the stories That follow !😊👍🏻