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Monday, February 1, 2016


Monday, February 1st, 2016 

What I am about to explain to you can help you become a smarter/better sports player. I will also be sharing an all around important factor involved in being successful in life!$$$

Serena Williams No 1 Women's Tennis Player in the World
Throughout the many years I have been playing all different kinds of sports such as Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Swimming, Gymnastics, Golf and now Tennis I have finally reached a couple realizations, something that I have been pondering back and forth through out my head for a long time now. With the hopes that one day it would make me a better sports player.

I've always wondered how Tennis players that are ranked number one in the world lose to people that are ranked number 20 in the world. Or how I manage to lose tennis matches to people that I know I can easily destroy in tennis, but yet I basically let them beat me. Or the other way around. Where I beat someone I know who has been playing tennis for a lot longer than me but I still end up beating them, because they are having a "Bad Game".

After me having "Bad Games" more frequently I began to ask my self what can I do to keep me from playing under my potential because I know I can play much better than I'm playing right now! After this losing streak that I was on during last year's Tennis Season at Chaparral High School I began to think of ways to improve my confidence and mindset so that every game I play, I play to my full potential! I knew it all narrowed down to my mindset and how I was thinking about things. Most of the time people aren't aware of the negativity they are presenting them selves with until it starts to effect something they are working on in life.

When you spend hours and hours and day after day playing a sport such as Tennis you are surly increasing that percentage that we talked about in my blog two days ago, and the more it increases will reflect how good of a Tennis player you are. With that said, I've started to wonder about the phrase "Practice Makes Perfect" and what it truly means. It's obvious that the more you work at something the more successful you will be at what ever you have been working at. But why is that??? Is it because you are getting physically stronger and your increasing your endurance from running more??? Or is because you are adapting your mindset to the game. Is muscle memory increasing your skill level or could it also be the fact that the more you do something the more confident you become with performing that task?! I BELIEVE that the outcome of any sports game is more than 50% determined by the mentality of the player or players!

**REMEMBER, This can relate to any skills your are trying to improve within your life!

**Almost everything in life is mental! When it comes down to success in the real world physical body strength means nearly nothing!

**We have evolved into a society where physical strength isn't as necessary to thrive and survive in the real world.

**The human race have now evolved into a society where the most successful human will be the one that has the STRONGEST most STABLE and HAPPY mindset! :$


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  1. Loved reading this, I play volleyball and basketbal so I can relate. I also like how you mentioned that this can relate to other things outside of sports! 👌

  2. Loved reading this, I play volleyball and basketbal so I can relate. I also like how you mentioned that this can relate to other things outside of sports! 👌