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Saturday, January 16, 2016


Saturday, January 16th, 2016 *Night 9:49pm-12:46pm

             At my job working in the back office of Ashley Furniture Homestore as a customer service

representative. I'm always learning something new, I found today that the best way to learn fast and

retain information is by having high confidence in your self. Today the confidence level that I was

experiencing felt like a very powerful drug that kept my mind focused on the task at hand, and it

blocked out everything that was irrelevant from what I was trying to solve for customers and

salespeople within my store. It kept me from being clouded with the normal negativity that induces

humans to become stressed. The question "what if??". This is the leading cause of human stress. The

questions, "What if I choke and won't be able to respond to their questions they have asked, "what if

my face is getting red", "what if they are thinking I'm stupid and don't know what I'm doing". NO!!!

NEVER LET THIS CORRUPT YOUR MIND!! Because all of those horrible circumstances wouldn't

happen in the first place if you weren't asking yourself those "What If" questions that stress you out in

the first place! You might not be aware that you do this to yourself, but you do! So it's time to become



              The confidence level I was experiencing

was through the roof today, for every problem I

had solutions that just came rushing to my head.

I realize now that all of the success in solving my

problems today came from me believing in my

self. Trusting that what I was doing was the right

way to complete the task. By telling myself, you

can solve any complicated obstacle that comes your way.  For example, today I was sitting in the

back office going through and checking off a salesperson's packet that they had turned in, making

sure that all the information was plugged into our computer programs correctly. And as I was doing

that a salesperson came rushing up towards me, then politely but abruptly throws 4 receipts at me and

asks me if the financing company has voided one of the 4 receipts. I had never been asked this

question before, let alone I had never been taught exactly how to deal with this problem in particular.

I quickly went through the receipts I found two pairs of duplicate receipts, two of which said voided.

I took those. I called the financing company a number I had been provided with (a tool) and asked if

they could tell me if the void had gone through their bank yet and how much money the customer had

been approved for, and since it had not gone through and processed correctly; I had to go through

multiple steps to help the person over the phone locate and void the finance payment for me. I

achieved all of this within 5 minutes. That was only one of the 100 problems I'm proud to say I've

helped solve today.

You might have experienced this before yourself, this overwhelming confidence that makes you excel

in anything and everything you do whether it's sports, a job, a job interview, your social life,

impressing girls and/or guys, ect. Its an amazing trait to obtain!

Remember in order to maintain this confidence that makes you feel on top of the world. You must be

constantly sending yourself positive vibes. You have to be telling your self, "I will", "I can", "This is

easy", "I'm good at this", "I've been doing this for a long

time", "Nothing can stop me!!!". The reason why this is

so important to be doing this all the time is because the

time your not staying positive things, is when you are

most vulnerable to filling up your head with negative

comments that will drag you down.

For those of you that read this whole blog, for those of

you that want to know why I had all this confidence

today, for those of you that want to know why I decided

to come running into my room after work to type this

blog regardless of my hunger and the urge to go eat my

dinner, the reason for all of my confidence today was thanks to..... YOU..... I woke up this morning

turned on my phone, to watch as my twitter began to blow up! I reached two huge landmarks today

400 followers on twitter! And well over 400 views on my Blogs today within the first two weeks of

me starting!! This filled me up with so much joy, so much self content. You are the reason for my

overwhelming confidence today! Words can not describe how thankful I am for you right now!

Thank You!!!

*Correction the word "complicated" I used up above should not be in your personal dictionary.

Remove it!! For nothing in business is complicated or ever should be, you must believe that

everything has an easy and sensible solution.

*Large companies have it down to a science so if your working for a billion dollar company. Trust

that they have supplied the tools for you to solve any problem that is thrown your way. Because 99%

of the time they have. You just have to find and apply those tools! The tools being the finance

companies phone number, as well as my computer programs on my

computer at my work. I have probably around 20 different

programs and within each one, each program can answer thousands

of my questions, if I have been taught properly.

*ALWAYS send yourself Positive Vibes!!!!

* Negative Vibes throws you off the path way to success ;(


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